The One With The Pilot

Jaunty Greetings!!!

Everyday people ahoy me as Nani, and myself creates an avatar of Chloe Chen in the virtual world. I was born in the year 1979 on March 29th in a wonderful country of Keropok Lekor and Pasar Kedai Payang. However, I have been breathing the Klang Valley air ever since my Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia. I am the youngest of four brothers and three sisters. My father is now a primary school teacher retiree and my mother is in Heaven since 1999. I am in an intimate relationship with my beau of ten years, though the grass is not always greener, but we are doing Alhamdulillah.

I am pretty much an old fashioned person. I prefer making business transactions at the counter rather than online. I believe women should be knowledgeable in household chores and kitchenette. I believe men should make the first move in butter up. However, I do devoir my iPhone 3Gs and my MacBook Pro to keep my sanity intact.

I am a sucker for romance. I love to be swept of my feet. I love kissing in the rain. I love slow dance. Nothing is more sensual than a slow dance. I prefer sunset with ocean waves, like music to my ears. I love dish out my beau with my cookings. I love having bubble baths with that special someone with aromatherapy scents lingering. I love surprise people that I care the most with gifts that have my personal touch and my sentimental value.

I believe in God. I trust in Karma and reincarnation. I do not trust in love at first sight as well as soul mates. I do not think that a boy and a girl were destined to end up together. I think that they fell in love and work hard at their relationships. Some days, they work really hard. I truly believe that women should feel empower, and I disagree with the mind set of women-should have-man to complete her life cycle. I believe the unsought love is better. I believe when the right moment arrives, Cupid will struck his arrow. I believe things happened for a reason, there is always a hikmah if we took the time to see and analyze. What does not kill you, makes you stronger and wiser. I believe in taking responsible of own mistakes. Learned and deal with them intelligently. Miracles do happen, and not loose hope is very important to me.

My circle of friends is very small, and I do not need to have 1,00o friends list in Facebook to show how extravagant my life is. Despite some people disbelieves, I am a shy person. I find it hard to break the ice, and I am not easily adapt to changes in my comfort zone. I do not follow the custom. I make my own norm. I do not care what others perceive me as, as long as I, myself, My Baby and my closest people know how am I at heart. My Baby is My Best Friend, My Homie, My Lover and My One Stop Solution to almost everything.  I am good in organizing and management, but I am lousy in multi tasking. I do not easily forget what hurtful marrows of others had done to me and my loved ones. I never feel pity of homeless children and beggars, but I do cry easily when animals are being unjustly cruel. I can be blunt at times. I can be clumsy and forgetful too. I favour menthol cigarettes, and occasionally  I chillex at clubs. My favourite place to hang out is at DIET Cafe in Cheras Business Centre. If My Baby and I did not have any plans for the day, we can port in DIET Cafe till the shutter says nighty night night. Summer camp anyone?!? *kelipkelip*

I have a very strong liking to cherries. I hate Strawberries. I was brought up with Nintendo. My first computer was Apple Macintosh. Through my eyes, Absolut is very sexy. Matryoshka Dolls are the cutest dolls ever invented.

Many many thank you to My Baby for being my personal technical support, for purchasing and yearly renewal for this web hosting. Your patience and your guidance in instilling IT knowledge in me are very highly appreciated. I am as blind as the three mice when it comes to Information Technology. I love you, My Baby Boo. My thank you also goes to Mr. Bard Shahar and Ms. Siew Siew of DIET Cafe in equipping with a splendid wi-fi and for an awesome Shirley Temple. Last but certainly not the least, my gratitude goes to YOU, my readers. I express myself in Malaysian English which is an odd mix of English language and my mother tongue, Malay language.

Happy unraveling my mumblings and rumblings…

But there is a secret garden, she hides…

~Nani Mansor~





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