The One With Oh Can You Just Please Shut The Fuck Up?!?!

I try my best to be less demonstrative of my feelings this time. I know it is just a waste of my bloody hour to entertain such crap, but let me blog about this particular jackass who thinks he is so damn fucking perfect. I name him Dildo.

So, this Dildo works in a so & so company. I refuse to acknowledge him as one of my friends though he was the one who added me in Facebook. Out of regards, I accepted Dildo. Anyhow, this Dildo is married to a Vibrator. From the stories I heard, a lot of Johns and Janes hurrah on how cantik this Vibrator’s appearance. I am not denying the Vibrator looks cantik, but she is not up to the drooling or perempuan untuk dijadikan bahan time masturbasi. So what, if this Vibrator is cantik and labours in a high position of a well known so & so company. At the end of the day, trust me, nobody gives a shit!!!

I may not have criteria of a cliche beauty of a Miss Universe, but as they say, beauty is only skin deep. I may not have a flawless complexion, physically, but I do lead a lively, joyous and prosperous life. I do not need oversea escapades to make my life seem more meaningful. I do not need luxury leather goods, dining in fine dining outlets or having my pictures photographed in magazines just to give the impression of a so called socialite life. Like I wrote previously, at the end of the day, trust me, nobody gives a shit!!!

It is fine by me if you, Dildo, were the hubby type who adored to have a trophy spouse. But what gave you the just to belittle me? And if you were not so a Dildo, utter whatever non constructive criticism from my physical looks to my g-string life that you said behind my ass straight to my face. Why can not you? I will tell you why. It is because a dick head like you only have the guts to gossips over a cup of Joe. You should have a pussy instead of a cock!!! You, Dildo, are not manly enough to be the MAN of your other half, what else to say those bunk directly to my face. Your bluntness is gone every time I fart. You are indeed the lamest and the most shallow douche bag I have ever known. Let me tell you something. Just because your other half is beautiful looking does not mean she has a good heart. She may pretend to have a heart of gold, but the real question is does she? She may, for you, be a corporate success, but it went back to what I wrote earlier, at the end of the day, trust me, nobody gives a shit!!! Do you, Dildo, compute one’s success based on the work title and the salary acquires each month? Are you that despicable? You and your Vibrator perhaps are both school smarts, but both of you are not street smarts. At the end of the day, trust me, nobody gives a shit!!!

If you, Dildo, were 100% satisfied of your alleged sublime Vibrator, why must you randomly add one of my closest female friend in your Facebook? Whom you did not know? Whom nobody tells you about her? You are so so so stupid to add her because she will definitely send me an email to inform me about the matter. She ignored your request. Did not your mama tell you not to talk to strangers? Are you already bored in marrying a queen control wife? You are indeed a freak, though you do not look like one!!! Nak try cari makan ke bang? Sorry lasalah pilih orang la…LOL. Honestly, the product of your mixology is very bland. I have seen better, way way way better.

My personal life is my fucking personal matter!!! Who the fuck are you to dictate my private affair? What gives a shit face like you the say on what pictures should or should not I upload in my Facebook?!?! As far as I could possibly remember, I have never had the slightest intention to ever tag your freaking face. So, who the cunt are you to authorize what pictures should I or should not I tag any of my closest friends? Please, do yourself a huge favour. Try to ordain your trophy wife first before attempting to mess with my private matter. Try sending that kind of message to me and you will know my reply. I dare you!!! You do not know me and you do not know My Baby. You do not know how we run our daily closed door business. So stop acting such a faggot and pretend you are a God that knows everything.  You can act like you have the power to ultimatum our lives, but trust me, at the end of the day, we do not give a shit!!! What a pity life you must have. You can not be in charge of your own personal life, so you want to show power in someone else’s privy affair. At least My Baby does not need to seek me every time he wants to have a guys night out or to have few beers with his closest guy friends. Unlike you, Dildo, just to have a dinner without the presence of your trophy wife, you need to beg and beg and beg for few pathetic hours just to get a single green light. Who is the laughing stock now, Mr.?!?!

You are lousy in human management. For once, give your own balls some dignity and be responsible in your own mistakes instead of pointing fingers to others. Just admit that you are atrocious and try to be better instead of acting like a jackass. You expect excellent but in return, you never care in other people well being. “Over doing it”, is that the only phrase you know in the history of English syntax?!?!

Perhaps, a lot of bitches would love to give you a blow job, but not me. I do not need to respect you. I do not need to obey your words. Simply because, you are nobody to me. Try antagonized me once more, and I will choose to say all these secara live.

At the end of the day, trust me, My Baby and I do not give a shit with a bung hole like you!!!

I know who you are!!! My closest friends know who you are!!! If you so happened to read this entry and can not accept this ugly truth, feel free to kick your own anus hole out from my Facebook.

But there is a secret garden, she hides…

~Nani Mansor~





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