The One With Intellectual Powers In Paws

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”, Mahatma Ghandi.

I always believe I am a cat trapped in a human form. Constant instincts remind me of a cat reincarnation in another reality, one day. The bond that I have with these felines is beyond words can describe.

Some might say I am spoiling the small domesticated carnivore; to a certain degree, yes, but, I see it as a fundamental part of the conditions I agreed to when I decided to live with my particular set of cats – subconsciously, I would say.

Sometimes, when I look at their sets of eyes, their silent commentary, I feel I can see all the pain in this world. The world is becoming more and more abusive each day. Every day, we come across headlines of animal suffering. We heard the stories of how monkeys were served on a dining table for humans to suck their brains, we saw how the sharks were inhumanely slaughtered just for humans to have a bowl of their fin’s soup, we saw how many animal carcasses on the road simply because of ignorant drivers. We saw pictures of baby elephants, baby Orang Utans became orphans because cruel animal hunting. While scrolling my facebook one day, I came across news about 25 dead cats found hanging in Yonkers Trees. I could not bare to finish reading it. Oh, and there was a cat named Hero whose front legs were chopped only to steal a fish out of hunger.

Harmless. Innocent. Unjust.

If I could have a super power, I would have definitely make the world a better living place for the animals. Sadly, with all the limitations, I could only do so much so little, thus as a servant, I believe it is one of my duties to provide excellently to the animals, particularly cats, as I affirm they deserve every single luxury they could possibly obtained compare to hipocrisy in humans. Cats…they have that very special spot in my heart.

Time spent with cats is never wasted. Never once I see my cats as only pets. There was this one time, J whom came to our house and started making faces feeling uncomfortable because my cats were roaming around inside. J is the girlfriend of a person I knew and not much to my liking – let me just put it that way. I could understand not everyone is an animal lover, but for her to disrespect my cats in that way was something that I could not accept. She should know by heart my cats can roam the house as they please. By fact she should know this home belongs to us – My Baby, myself and my cats. By now she should know if she has an issue with my cats, she can leave. I take care of my cats’ interests and that is my living.

Mind you, in ancient time, cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this.

Just watching my cats make me happy. They are my connoisseurs of comfort.

I love each of my cats equally, and for different reasons; but my relationship with my cat keMMek was unique; not so much like a bond with a cat at all, but the kind of attachment one might have to a mute friend you had met in a hostage situation, and who had been burdened with the job of feeling every emotion twice as acutely. She saved me from a deadly, pervasive ignorance. It has been a year plus since she left us together with Balto –
the most polite cat I have ever met. He has never to my knowledge started a fight with a contemporary, or made any cliched or obnoxious demand for attention. ChomMot and MaikeL – whom adopted us, whom showed us the simplicity in life is the best. DoriDori – the welcoming calico cat that can deceive strangers with a 365 days a year pregnant figure; our sleeping partner. e-toDD – the eldest of them all; a higoatholic. Even if the veterinarian said you might loose one eye, we only see the beauty in you.

To the rest of my cats that swoon my heart like no other – Carina, kuyuP, Le-Bong, Adeque, Mini O, MeeSai, Otie, Ci-Ku-Teh, JackJack, AhChum, DotDot, Yoshi, JiBam and Charlie I am truly sorry if I failed being a good mother to you. I have tried. Rest in peace…

Ocassionally, I have dreams about them. The dreams were blurry but the point is the same – they are happy and, I need to stop worrying about them.

When I try to imagine my cats are not being here, it is tough. The reality that bites…

Till I blog again…

There is a secret garden, she hides
~Nani Mansor~





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