The One With 2014

Here is a short story to begin the year 2014…

It was a Sunday evening, and we decided to go to Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall to buy scratching poles for our cats.

From time to time, My Baby grumbles our cats scratch our Innovation Living sofas in our living hall and our Serta mattress in our master bedroom. I can understand his concern over the scratching issue since we had forked out quite amount of cash to buy the sofas and the mattress. At the same time, I told My Baby that cats scratch sofas and mattress because of the fabric or because they feel the do not have enough place to scratch.

Cats need to scratch. Reasons :

1 Manicure – it conditions the claws by removing the dead outer layer or sheath.

2 Regional – it is a way of marking territory by leaving both a visual mark and an odor or scent (cats have scent glands on their paws). It may be that cats communicate dominance by scratching in front of other cats.

3 Reflexology – It is a way of stretching the entire body and flexing the feet and claws.

We have four adult cats. Three gibs and one molly. Obviously, there will be territorial issues from time to time. One of the ways to show their superiorities is by scratching.

So, we decided to add few more scratching posts in the house, and for him to have his inner peace.

We knew there was one pet shop in the shopping mall since the last time we bought two organic scratching poles for our felines.


If you are one of the pet parents, you should be well aware of how crazy expensive cats items can be. We tried to be smart parents by checking out the prices before the items are put at the counter, or so we thought…




I could see his “priceless” face when paying to the cashier…


Oh well, Baby…If you aren’t sucker for them, you will be sucker for other things, and that my friend is why you need me as your Chief Finance Officer.

You can’t put price on your inner peace, can you? *smirk*

Till I blog again…

There’s a secret garden, she hides…
~Nani Mansor~





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