The One With Things To Do Before I Die

As the great American poet, William Ross Wallace once said, “Every man dies – not every man lives”. Therefore, I have decided to make my own list of things to do before I die. At least if I was dead, I had known I had lived life each day by putting own effort in accomplish what I wanted in this cycle. Brag, boast, gloat and grin at best. So here it goes…

1 Car – Through my eyes, the sexiest car is non other than the Volkswagen Beetle. I fell in love with that car as soon as I saw Herbie. You see, when I was a little girl, my arwah Mak only allowed me to watch Disney movies. Those movies were the only ones that I could watch without any supervision.

A car that I purchased with every cent comes from my own hard work. I refrain from getting help financially from My Baby. Well, maybe he can chip in refueling the petrol. Other than that, the down payment and the maintenance of the car, I want to be total responsible for. I, myself, hankers the experience of the good and the bad of endemic a vehicle. I have always prefer European automobiles – maybe because of my dad’s Ford influenced me. I am neither a fan of sedan nor cabriolet vehicles. Compact cars have always had my interest, but not too compact like smart Fortwo series. A car that is suitable for city driving – journey into the dense urban jungle for work or leisure, dealing with congestion, gridlock and restrictive parking situations, and at the same time can accommodate the sweetness of long distance road trips. A car that I can commute safely from point A to point B. Since the petrol price (RON 97) is not-so-friendly-to-my-wallet at the moment, that too I need to consider, and of course, I am looking for a four door car. Below, are the cars that noted me :

1 Volkswagen Golf GTI

1.2 Volkswagen Golf

Or, who knows, I might strike a big fat bonus and salary increment and could afford to buy this hunky drooling-licious :

1.3 Volkswagen Golf R

The fact is Volkswagen Golf R is a 4 wheel drive vehicle, makes me…uhmmm…reluctantly, put this car, this oh-so-super-sexy-car in my KIV tray. As for the Golf and GTI, I am viewing MK 5 and above. However, if I were to buy Volkswagen Golf GTI, it would be a reconditioned (recon). As for the Golf or Polo, I would buy fresh from Volkswagen “farm”. My Baby did some rough calculation as per price stated in Malaysia Motor Trader magazine, I trust I could achieve in owning either a GTI or a Golf or a Polo, in due time, Insyaallah. Amin.

1.4 Volkswagen Polo


Peugeot caught my attention too, and if I were to purchased Peugeot, only two I am keen in :

1.5 Peugeot 308 Turbo

1.6 Peugeot 308 GTi

Another car that I am considering into buying is non other Subaru Impreza Version 10. Yes, I know Subaru Impreza is a Japanese automaker. Allow me to put my point this way. I have nothing against Japanese vehicles. I love cruising in My Baby’s Nissan Silvia S15. The only thing that bothers me about Japanese cars is the seat; especially if I was the driver. You see, the seats are lower than the seats of any European cars. Thus, makes me quite difficult to gauge especially in narrow roads and corners. However, I had been inside one of the Subaru Impreza cars before, and just like McDonald’s – I’m loving it. If I were to buy the Version 10, it will not be WRX STi. I would settle with only WRX. I am not sure if WRX is still a four wheel drive, though. I need to recheck and obtain more information regarding this car.

1.7 Subaru Impreza Version 10


2 Property to invest – I have my own ideology of a real estate venture; in which I should thank my property agents for giving me insights on what-criteria-need-to-consider before involving myself with this huge expenditure. I prefer to invest in a medium cost apartments. Those posh and stylish apartments or condominiums are not in my list. A walk-up apartment will do, or even better if lifts are provided. A three bedroom apartment with a minimum size of 850 square feet, and yes please, Freehold instead of Leasehold. I favour my future investment to be a non swimming pool. That would save my pocket money a bit each year in paying the management fees. I would opt under construction apartment with a good track developer raging the price RM80,000 to RM90,000. This is because I do not have any intention to max up the loan tenure. The idea is to pay more to the bank monthly and top most the downpayment, and at the same time to “shrink” the tenure as many years as I could. Perhaps, by the age of 50, I could taste the “fruitiness” of my investment. The rent ought to be based on the current market value – RM400 or RM 500 monthly is reasonable enough, in my opinion. The highest form of this future investment is as what the real estate tycoon, Donald Trump, usually advise – LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION.

3 Bicycle tour in Laos – My plan is starting in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Luang Prabang, we will cycle the hills of Northern Laos as we ride through Vang Vieng on our way to Vientiane, the Capital of Laos. Laos is a new frontier for cycling tours, with amazing scenery, little traffic and friendly people cycling is a great way to see the country. Of course, this experience I want to share with My Baby Boo…and I bet our MERIDA and NORCO will not disappoint us.

4 Paternal roots – I miss Kuala Terengganu, especially the food. I missed eating Nasi Minyak for breakfast. Not to mention Nasi Dagang and Nasi Lemak with Ikan Aya. Keropok Lekor and those traditional Terengganu desserts – Bronok, Akok, Gopal, Ais Krim Goreng, Ketupat, and trust me, I can go on and on with the food list. At this point, fuck calories!!! I missed sightseeing my childhood playground; where I learned how to socialize. The playground where I played Masak-Masak, Bola Katok, Galah Panjang, having fun on the swings & laughing on the see saw. I missed A&W Batu Burok. To me, A&W Batu Burok is the best A&W that I have ever been so far. A Coney Dog with a beach view – simply awesome.

5 My other half – The People’s Republic of China. I wish one day I can everyone can fly to China with My Baby. I really want to see first hand the Great Wall of China, itself. Touching the stones, myself and not just seeing pictures and on National Geographic. When I was a little girl, my Arwah Mak always told me to go and experience the Great Wall of China, and one day, I wish the same.

6 World tour – I would love to enjoy the scenic view of New Zealand, Holland and other Scandinavian countries. Enjoying the moment and relaxing with each other presence. Oh, just splendid. Simply splendid. Sweden is a must go one day for me. For an obvious Absolut reason…

7 1,000 Gram of gold ignot – Despite it is still a long journey to go, I am determined this could be achieve with some money management discipline along the way. One day, I know I could hold a Kilogram of gold ignot in my hand…

8 Volunteer – I hope one day I could devote my time and my energy in helping animals and mother nature. I care a lot, especially towards animals. My anger is easily triggered whenever I see some scatterbrain acts from human beings. Most of the time, animals are helpless, and I believe we are supposed to protect them. Sadly, human are selfish ignorant beings and only know to gain profit out of their helplessness. Mother nature is crying for help, and human beings act deaf. I would love to be either a WWF or RSPCA or PAWS voluteer. At that time, I do not care if I did not get a single dime for my hard work. To me, animals never did mistakes. They just had to do what they had to do in order to survive. Human beings are becoming more arrogant each day, acting like they own the whole universe. Seriously, do we even realize what will happen to ourselves if we do not care about mother nature and the animals by now? Animals have always had a huge spot in my heart, and I would love to speak and defend their rights from being abuse continuosly.

9 Some daredevil acts would be nice – If I had the opportunity, I would love to climb the Sydney harbour bridge. Being in the summit of this world famous Bridge, 134 metres above Sydney Harbour is the ultimate experience of a lifetime. As for him, it is time to face his fear of heights. To have my second bungee jump, where else if it is not in New Zealand. Besides that, some skydive would certainly pump up the adrenalin rush. White water rafting is in the list too, as well as riding an ATV (all-terrain-vehicle) covered myself with mud.

10 Performing Umrah and Haj – when the time comes, I would certainly looking forward to visit these two holy places. Masjidil Haram is the focal point of my pilgramage.

11 Some personal touch to our home – A lot of things needed to be done for our new home. I would very much prefer to have own personal touch in the decor.

12 Settle down – A simple two words is really not the simplest thing to do. When the time is right, I will walk down the aisle and be the official Mrs. Ahrul Zulhijjah for good. I would love to have my own family – be the best wife, the best mother and the best grandmother I could be…one day perhaps…

Above are just a list that I wish I could accomplished before I say good bye to the world, one day. The list is in no particular order. It may change according to my own convenient. However, the list is a basic idea of what I called own success.

There is a secret garden, she hides…

~Nani Mansor~





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