The One With The Zynga Couple

Have you had any form of mental images or concepts of what is not actually present to the senses; or in short – imaginations? Do you ever have an imaginary friend, an imaginary rocket, an imaginary house or an imaginary pet? Have you ever imagined yourself performing on a concert stage in front of  full house live audience, and because it is your imagination, of course, the spectators love you and give a big stand O? Have you imagined yourself accepting an award and given an acceptance speech – the award maybe an Oscar, a Grammy, an Emmy or even a Noble Prize?

I do at times…

I have an imaginary farm. A farm nestled comfortably in a Far Far Away land. A farm, I called FarmVille. A farm where I picture I would retire and spent my gray-haired years with My Baby. A farm where there is no technology (well, maybe, just a little technology needed), no pollution, no hustle bustle of the city. A farm where I can enjoy sun rises and sun sets. A farm without worries, concerns, nor problems. A farm filled with laughter and smiles. A farm where I can cuddle, touching lips to another and having an armour relationship with My Baby. A farm where there is only me and him. A farm where I can sip pots and pots of warm Oolong tea and eat assortments of cupcakes, muffins, pastries, cakes, biscottis, scones and pies. A farm where he can read newspapers while enjoying mugs of Latte. A farm where he would axe woods for our fire place. A farm where would enjoy fresh cow milk every day. A farm where I could plant the crops myself. A farm where I could do the Greenhouse project. A farm where we would enjoy all four seasons – Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. A farm with clean source of water.  A farm of greener pastures. A farm of poultry. A farm of life…

Well, at least that is how I imagined my farm would be…

I have started playing FarmVille. Yes, you read that right. For those who are not familiar with this Zynga game, I bet you can guess what the game is all about based from the name itself. I am officially one of the FarmVille farmers! I started playing this game roughly about four months back. With farmVille, I get to maximize 20Mb UniFi at home and also to utilized the Maxis monthly data plan. On top of that, I make use of either my iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4. I can not use all of them at once, can I?

FarmVille is a farming social network game developed by Zynga. It is a clone of Farm Town, and is similar to older games such as Harvest Moon. Gameplay involve various aspects of farm management such as plowing land, planting, growing and harvesting crops, harvesting trees, and by raising livestocks.

FarmVille is a smash hit with approximately 31 million people likes the game. According to My Baby, Steve Jobs personally invited Zynga CEO Mark Pincus to show off a new iPhone application. Upon launching the game, users are asked to enter their email address to join FarmVille Mobile. You’re then asked to log in via Facebook Connect (so you can access your existing farm and friends), and whether or not you want to enable push notifications so you can get immediate alerts whenever you have crops ready to harvest (addicts will love this). Despite there are some limitations of what one can do with the farm compared to the Adobe Flash application, to me, the FarmVille iPhone application is the best way to harvest the crops especially when you are AFK, and you have planted the berry seeds. The application for iPads and iPhones or even for iPod touch is free.

Reasons why I enjoy playing FarmVille :-

1 I love playing management games and not so much into tactical games. I love seeing how my farm expanded from zero and evolving to hero

2 I love FarmVille as I can beautify the land according to my own dictionary of beautiful.

3 FarmVille makes me detach from reality. At times, I do really need time off from thinking and worrying facts of existence.

4 I can say FarmVille is a relaxing game and does not require 100% commitment. I can plant and harvest the seeds according to my  daily schedule. Different type of seeds takes different amounts of time to grow. I can plan beforehand before planting the crops to avoid the risks of them being wither. Every time my crops are harvested, I have this inner sensation feeling.

5 In FarmVille, animals are never slaughtered. Although I am not a Vegetarian, I prefer to be ignorant in that matter. Rather products relating to the animal are collected (for example, milk from cows, down feathers from ducks). Certain animals such as cows and horses can be collected into Animal Storage Buildings to increase total yield. The sounds of cows mooing, ducks quacking, goats bleating, horses neighing and chickens clucking happily just make my day more rapture. The FarmVille music itself is just an adore to my ears.

6 FarmVille teaches me to be more patient and determine. You need to be composed in order to get what you are eyeing.

There are two farms in FarmVille. One is the Home Farm and another is the English farm; in which, you need to achieve a certain level to receive the Airship. As you progress, you are entitled for a free either a bakery, a winery or a spa in your Home Farm. As for mine, I chose a bakery. The bakery is a place where you bake cakes, pizza, bread, muffins, tarts, pizzas and so on. Once you have baked a certain quota, you are entitled for coins oven upgrades. The products that you have baked are for sale and for keep – both can be use for oil. The oil that you get is for the harvesters, seeders and tractors. These vehicles are supposed to make your crop harvesting easier job to you. Instead of a need to click each plot manually, you can assign  your vehicles to do the work. To obtain the vehicles, you can either purchase from the market or, if you were lucky enough, you will get them from mystery gifts. There is a garage available in order for you to put the vehicles (a maximum of 20 vehicles). It can save a bit of space on your land.

At the moment, I am focusing on expanding Home farm – Farm Estate that requires either 4,000,000 coins or 120 FV Dollars. You obtained coins from harvesting your crops and harvesting your animals. You get one FV Dollar from each level up once your XP is achieved. Your XP meter depends on harvesting your crops and animals as well as helping neighbours such as fertilizing or withering their crops or plowing their land plots. You also can get some XP by helping your neighbours in feeding their chickens and harvesting their Green houses. Of course, you can also buy coins and dollars using real money…

However, since I am really awful in multitasking, therefore, for the time being, I am focusing on the Home Farm. It will take me roughly, two or three months more to achieve the 4,000,000 coins.

 I am waiting 4,000,000 coins to organize this part

My Bakery. I am done with all the oven upgrades

Fully upgraded Green House and the place where I trade my crops for coins

Some of the useful farm buildings

My farm animals

I am waiting for my FV dollars are sufficient enough to buy a second duck pond

My Baby forces me to keep theses elephants

I do have Llamas and reindeers in my farm

I can not wait for the land expansion to be completed

I am planting some Toadstools

Another reason why I was MIA from writing a blog is because I was so busy in searching for a decent job. After many, many, many applications and many, many interviews, finally I managed to secure one position with HSBC. It took me three stages to get the post. The first was a pre interview with the Recruiter. The second was with the employee itself. I had to take an English assessment test. The test consisted 30 objectives questions on Basic English – verbs and tenses in 20 minutes. The passing mark is 15, and thankfully I passed. Yay!!! After that, I had another pre interview with the Human Resource. Basic questions were asked. I was being escorted to another room where I was required to sit in another test – Voice Assessment. In this test, I needed to speak over the phone with a UK interviewer. I was required to read a passage with the correct pronunciation and punctuation. Furthermore, I was given a topic – Money and was asked to oral it spontaneously. Once I was done, the Human Resource asked me to come back for a second interview which was scheduled two days after.

 On the second interview, once again I had a short interview with the Human Resource. Later on I was being introduce to an HSBC Operation Manager. Basic questions were asked, and I was being briefed with the job description. During the interview, I was given a role play. The role play determined if I were suited for the job. All in all, I succeeded in all the tests and the interviews. Now, I am waiting anxiously for the Letter of Offer :) Keeping my fingers crossed…

Oh yeah, My Baby is pretty much hooked with this game….

You guessed that right. It is another online game from Zynga – Empires & Allies. My Baby loves these kind of 2D games – Civilization, Red Alert, and Evony to name a few games that once he was so hooked up till he was willingly to sacrifice his sleep. But do not ask him to play those 3D games such as Counter Strike as that type of graphic can make him dizzy. However now, he says the game is a bit bored since there is  not much to be done. Just maintain what had been done. Lack of adrenalin rush. Well, it is good then. At least you can let loose you adrenalin for once…

But there is a secret garden, she hides…

~Nani Mansor~






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