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My journey to the capital city of Laos began…

8th February 2011

1300hours : Called Hasanuddin to book a taxi at 0900hours on the 10th February 2011 to the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT), Sepang. Hasanuddin has been our credible taxi driver since my first trip to Jakarta, Indonesia. I normally call him two days prior to the booking date and to reconfirm the taxi booking a day before.

1500hours : My Baby WhatsApp me. He bought a universal travel power plug (added to previously we bought one) and a few boxes of mosquito patches. I GOOGLEd that Laos has a high number of Malaria cases. Better safe than sorry, huh?

: I charged my Canon IXUS 960IS battery. Actually, since I use iPhones, I seldom take pictures using the camera anymore. But, I guess it is always good to have another security blanket in case both of my iPhones flat out.

1900hours : Packing our LOJEL & SAMSONITE luggage bags. Trust me, packing impedimenta especially to a country that is a total stranger to you is not an easy job. Questions what should I pack? What should I bring? Did I over packed unnecessary stuffs or did I under pack things?  numerously played in my mind like a broken recording player.

9th February 2011

1500hours : I reconfirmed the taxi; making sure the date, the time of departing from home to the LCCT once again with Hasanuddin.

1700hours : My Baby WhatsApp me again stating he paid credit card bills. Among having  hard cash in hand, one should always make sure the credit cards are valid. In case of rainy days in a foreign land. Being a little bit, ermmm…paranoid of being hungry in the middle of the night, he bought a jar of Peanut Butter and a jar of Nutella. We expect no restaurants or shops open in Vientiane after midnight.

2230hours : Nighty night-night. Was it possible for me to sleep when I was, literally, in Vientiane? *smirks*

10th February 2011

0230hours : Woke up slightly sleepy. It is time to move my ass from this comfy queen sized bed and to start house keeping work – clean the cat litter box, wash cat bowls, wash the dishes, mop the floor, tidy all the after party mess my cats left for me, sweep the floor, making sure clean sand put into the cat litter boxes, make sure enough IAMS biscuits for my 11 devils throughout my holiday. Basically, all the preparation in making sure everything is in order took me about five hours.

0930hours : Final luggage check. All set and ready to depart to LCCT. HOYEH!!!

1000hours : Upon arriving to LCCT, we went to Hong Leong Bank Money Changer. RM1,521 equals to USD500. That would be sufficient enough, for the time being, we hoped.

1020hours : We went to the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf to have breakfast. He ordered Toast & Jam with a regular sized Caffe Latte, while I ordered Breakie O’ Day with a cold large Swedish Berry Tea. Oh, we could not just wait to see what Vientiane can offer to our holiday. *grin, grin, grin*

1100hours : Check in our luggage bags. It was our first time taking the Airasia package that includes return air flight tickets and accommodation (inclusive of free breakfast). However,  we were told that the package did not include luggage bags, in which we found it to be a bit silly. Seriously, who would ever go holidays for days without bringing a single luggage bag? Anyhow, we paid RM80 for both of our luggage bags with a standard kilogram allowed (RM40/15kilogram). On top of that, we were told again by the Airasia staff that the package did not include seat reservation. So, it was our first Airasia flight that we did not seat next to each other. I was in seat 8A while he was in 8D.

1200hours : While waiting for the boarding gate to open, we went to the Duty Free shop. There, we bought two cartons of Marlboro Lights and Marlboro Menthol, one each for per person. In addition, My Baby bought a litre  of DEWAR’S Signature. Strictly limited quantities of DEWAR’S Signature are released, each bottle numbered by hand and its quality guaranteed unconditionally. Each bottle carries the Dewar signature and, with it, the reputation of generations. As they say, Dewar’s Signature glides through the mouth, with an immensely satisfying finish with an elegant wooden box of showmanship. Added bonus, with the purchase of DEWAR’S Signature, we received a free medium sized luggage bag. Did I mention, My Baby’s version of might-as-well-we-buy-another-bottle, therefore we ended up with another litre of single malt from the Islay region, Laphroaig.

1315hours : Finally, the moment be waiting for arrived. Gate T10 opened, and we are ready to Now, Everyone Can Fly. The journey of the flight was 2hours and 30minutes.

: Through out the journey, I did not have the in flight meal. Maybe because I was still tired for waking up too early or, I felt quite inconvenient to enjoy the meal since two seats next to me were a couple with a baby. I just asked My Baby to order a bottle of Mineral water just to avoid being hydrated. As for him, he ordered for himself his usual Airasia in flight meal – Nasi Lemak with a hot glass of Oldtown White Coffee.

: In general, there was not any turbulences as the weather was sunny throughout the flight. I slept most of the journey. I woke up when I heard the pilot’s voice informing the arrival time in Vientiane. At this period, I was certainly felt fresh. Few minutes before the seat belt notification was on, I managed to snap few pictures from above the sky. Can you spot the infamous Mekhong river?

Vientiane is an hour late from Kuala Lumpur. Time stated below is according to the capital city of Laos.

1530hours : Landed safely at the Wattay International airport. As usual, we were required to queue at the Immigration check in and waited to luggage claim. We proceed to the nearest money changer in the airport. My Baby changed USD500 equivalent to LAK1,606,800 (how I wish that was in RM instead of LAK). It was fixed that aiport taxi to any hotels in Vientiane area is USD6. As I switched on my iPhone, TIGO LAO appeared. We both just could not believe, we were in Laos.

1600hours: Upon hotel room check in, we started to venture Vientiane. The hotel that we stayed is a non smoking hotel. After checking out the room, we found it was too small, thus My Baby asked the Front Desk about the Hotel Suite. However, it is only available the next day. So, the first night in Vientiane, we decided to sleep in the standard room. Do not get me wrong, the room was clean and tidy, just that it was a little too small for us. After the arrangement was completed,  it was our first seeing sunset at the infamous Mekhong River. As I was really hungry, since I had not eaten anything since breakfast, we walked to figure out a place to eat, and we found a halal Indian food restaurant. While waiting for our Nasi Briyani to arrived, assuming he is the restaurant owner, we had a short chit chat like a normal question asked where were from. My Baby replied we are from Malaysia, and he straight away talk Malay with us. Oh, and the Briyani was really fulfilling. I even tried their Banana Prata and Chocolate Prata. Both are delicious. The Banana Prata is similar to our Roti Pisang and the Chocolate Prata, they use Hershey’s chocolate. Simply delicious. In Vientiane, restaurants serving style is similar to French. They will either give refillable plain water or a big bottle of mineral water in which it was already charge with the bill.

2000hours : After dinner, we walked along the streets of Vientiane. Enjoying our first night there. As we walked, we stumled with Scandinavian bakery Cafe. We bought a fresh loft of bread. We dine in with a cup of Cafe Latte, an Iced Lemon Tea and a Banana cake. Yes, every where I go, I can not live without desserts.

2230hours : We were both bum out and snoring…

To be continued…
There is a secret garden, she hides…
~Nani Mansor~




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