The One With Rabbit Hop Hop

The Chinese New Year, or also known as the Chinese Lunar New Year Рthe most important of the traditional holiday for Chinese. It is the time for family reunions, the spectacular lion and dragon dances, firecrackers,mandarin oranges and giving or collecting Ang Pows. Basically, it highlights some of the most fascinating aspects of Chinese tradition and rituals.

I still remembered, when I was a young girl, My arwah Mak would uniformed me from the morning of Chinese New Year throughout the day with a new red Cheongsam with double ponytails. ‘It must be new and it must be red. So that you will be blessed with wealth for the whole year”, she said to me. We were not even allowed to sweep the house floor for a week because to her it was a very Taboo thing to do especially on the first day. “You will sweep away one’s good luck and fortune and it’s considered as unlucky”, she warned. That¬†morning, My arwah Mak would be busy in the kitchen preparing Wonton, Chicken Pau and Chicken Rice. Yes, every Lunar New Year, that would be our family Prosperity Feast. Not forgetting Yee Sang. Kak Nan would climb the chair so that she could toss Yee Sang the highest to have good fortune ahead. I followed my parents visited our neighbours and close friends to collect the red packets. A week before, my Ayah would deliver Swiss Roll to nearby neighbours and close friends. In return, we would receive Kuih Bakar (Nian Gao) or Oranges. Oranges symbolise a pot of gold and luck.

Oh memories…

“Happy Lunar New Year. May all of you are blessed with joy, health and good fortune the whole year and the year ahead”…

But there is a secret garden, she hides…

~Nani Mansor~





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