The One With Another Black

Okay, so here is the story…

My previous Black 3GS  iValue Plan expired. So, one day, My Baby said he opined it was better if he extended my data scheme with the new plan from Maxis. I reluctantly agreed as I still see my Black 3GS is in a very good condition. Besides, I hate setting up a new phone; such a tedious and unnecessary work. My Baby persuaded that I do not need to context the new phone, iTunes will do the work for me. I said to him that he can use the new phone, if he wished too, and he remained silent.

My old data plan – iValue 1, for my lovely 32 GB is as below :

1 Monthly fee = RM100.00

2 Free local calls = 333 minutes/month. Free local calls include to any other cellular networks and land line numbers at anytime. Roughly a free of 5 hours+ per month. Roaming charges separately (of course laaa;)

3 Free data = 500 MB/month

4 Free SMS (Maxis-Maxis) = 100/month (Not a reason to SMS while driving)

5 Free MMs (Maxis-Maxis) = 10/month ( Not even once I use my free MMS)

6 Call rates = 15cents/ minute. If I ever exceeded the free local calls, in which I never did.

7 SMS rates = 10cents/SMS. The charges of SMS to other cellular networks.

8 MMS rates = 50cents/MMS. The charges of MMS to other cellular networks.

Basically, if I YouTube twice in a month plus Facebook, TweetDeck, Twitter, e-mails, Skype, Yahoo!Messenger and other applications that required the data usage, by middle of the month, I would be getting an SMS from Maxis informing me that my data usage is nearly exceeded. Thank you to iOS 4.1, I can ON-OFF the cellular data or else the charges would be per byte.

Now, with my current plan – iValue 2, I would be getting as per below :

1 Monthly fee = RM155.00

2 Free local calls = 667 minutes/month equivalent to 11 hours+ monthly.

3 Free data = 2 GB/monthly

4 Free SMS (Maxis-Maxis) = 400/monthly. My fingers will be numb to fully utilized this.

5 Free MMS (Maxis-Maxis) = 40/monthly

7 Call rates = 12cents/minute

8 SMS rates = 10cents/SMS

9 MMS rates = 50cents/MMS

We were lucky indeed to own iPhone 4 in 11/2 hour as My Baby is under priority customers list. No need to bare the long queue, and besides the upfront payment for both phones were waived. Oh yeah, how on earth could I miss this part – the important part. I wrote earlier that My Baby was silent when I said he could use the new iPhone. Well, before we left to SURIA KLCC, he told me he made a booking for two. So, that explains why he did not show any enthusiasm…

Anyway, few snap shots…

Momentarily, my iPhone 4 goes pink!!!

My iPhone 3GS is still with me. I carry it in my handbag wherever I go. I will never sell it. It has a lot of money-can’t-buy memories. For now, I have transformed my old but still spunky 3GS as an iPod and a mobile arcade centre. For now, that is…

Owning an iPhone 3GS 32 GB Black for 12 months = RM2,290.00

Owning an iPhone 4 32 GB Balck for 24 months = RM1,390.00

Having My Baby and the memories and the access baggage = PRICELESS!!!

But there is a secret garden, she hides…

~Nani Mansor~





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